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Discussion about Digitality + Materiality





The woolen shield and protest sign are protest artefacts for a more human approach on product design.

The project visualises the dichotomy between the understanding of the digital and the materialistic.

The shield is made out of 100% wool and includes different textures and tactile information.


Digital developments changed our relationship to products and to our tactile abilities.

In 2018, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort was teaming up with Google to investigate how electronic devices of the future could become more tactile. She said: »Textiles will be of capital importance, for in fabric terms they describe the tactility we seek. Softwear (a concept first introduced 1998) is more than just a trend. This forecast heralds the coming of a major new industry, not only in clothing but also in interiors, design, gardening, hardware, retail, consumer products and communications.«


The workshop made it clear to me how much I dependent on materials as an industrial designer. It was a good experience to get to know Unity and Arduino in their base, but in the future I am going to stay a designer for the tactile and to only decode digital interactions for the user's body.


Cutting/Sewing Pattern


Handmade out of 100% wool

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