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A pilot project about critical design thinking at the RCA.


I initiated the collective of multi-disciplinary design students of various RCA programmes November 2018. The initiative was meeting once a week and discussing across their programmes and disciplines about design topics and the student's projects.

Let us take the initiative!

Initiative of Reflecting Innovators and Influencers




#initiative_oriai describes a group of brave and ambitious innovators and influencers which aim to make a change. The collective of RCA master students supports each member by discussing about current topics and projects, exchanging knowledge, experiences, and valuable insights of excellent thinkers and makers. Let us take the initiative to be critical and, in the group of international and multi-disciplined designer, let us start a dialogue about design and our perspective on design critic.

Our common issue is the promising future we are heading and our joint intention is to make a difference to a more equal, balanced and humane society.

The initiative meets up weekly at the college where you can present your project to collectively discuss about it, and where you can share progress and opportunities.



We have the chance to start something really prolific and fun, and to create a platform we can rely on with a highly international and interdisciplinary team of experienced and knowledged designers.

For example starting to reflect on the definition of design: what does this word mean, or how could we call ourselves to distinguish from the technical design like interior or graphic design? Why is it so difficult to create new job descriptions for the researching, analysing, reflecting, consulting, statements making, political deciding, open minded, critical thinking, creative person, without calling him an applied artist? Like a “desinitiator” (design initiator).

Let us start reflecting on and talking about design relevant topics, and maybe we can solve the question, how we’ll be called in future.



Let us start reflecting and influencing!

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