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Information is Power!


Mimir is a space where designers can find information and opportunities to push the boundaries of their research process.

A project with


Oliver Hawkes (Design Product)

Cecilia Santucho (Service Design)

Lucia Ye

(Innovation Design Engineering)

Lisu Yu

(Textile Design)


In cooperation with



Daniel Dobos

Salman Maqbool

Muhammed Sameed


Supported by


Arthur Carabott

Marie Maisonneuve



Critical thinking can be limited by the quality of information gathered during research.

With the intention to get to know everything needed about the researched topic, the reality shows it's a difficult endeavour since unlimited access to valuable information at hand is temporary an illusion.


With Mimir we create a space where designers can find, explore, learn and get inspired by relevant, sourced and linked information from across the globe fitting their needs.


Mimir offers:

‒ a global, transparent and deep pool of information

‒ a visual net of linked information to explore

‒ a map of the research path to reflect-learn-share




Research Journey Map


Constant dialogue between the desk (digital) and the physical research.




During the research process, designer facing the challenge of not finding relevant and trustworthy information,

in the short time they have.





Support designer to push the boundaries of their research process by creating a website where they find, learn and get inspired by relevant, sourced and linked information from across the globe.


Business Model

[1] Revenue Possibilities

[2] Work in Progress / Additional Features


> Detailed analysis of the found information, visualised in infographics (with possibilities to adjust to the personal Corporate Identity


> B2B options





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